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    Hongda Transmission for military vehicles for 33 years

    Source: AddTime:[2017-01-04]

    Take part in the parade and major events such as 9.3

    In September 3rd, in commemoration of China people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary parade ceremony, equipped with Shaoneng group Shaoguan Hongda gear Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the grand Shaoneng group company) truck gearbox composed of car team support unmanned aircraft team, after a military parade in Tiananmen square. The company sent the factory technical service team member Cai Shengfa was awarded the military protection advanced individual title.

    Hongda Company Shaoneng group Dongfeng Motor Corp cooperation has 33 years of development cooperation transmission military vehicle production history. In 1982, Shaoguan gear factory (now Shaoneng group Shaoguan Hongda Gear Co. Ltd) and China second automobile factory (now Dongfeng Motor Corporation) contact cooperation docking. Each Dongfeng Motor Corporation will give new products produced great company, Hongda Company can bring new products on schedule and submit to the Dongfeng Motor Corporation by the Dongfeng Motor Corporation, trust. Participated in the development of transmission Shaoneng group company National Day parade grand ceremony and several major events, once in October 1, 1984, the parade provides transmission artillery tractor troops, armored car team participated in the 35 anniversary of the National Day in Tiananmen square, awarded by the Central Military commission. In 1997, the garrison in Shaoguan gear factory (the original grand company Shaoneng group predecessor) provide truck transmission to Hongkong, the return of Hongkong's sovereignty. In October 1, 2009, Shaoneng group Hongda Company to provide drone troops, communications and logistical support forces team car truck transmission team consisting of a parade in Tiananmen square, the 60 anniversary of the national day.

    Hongda Company Shaoneng group from the beginning of 2014, into the development of new military warriors automobile transmission assembly engineering. Hongda Company Shaoneng group from top to bottom, attaches great importance to the fastest speed, to complete the task in the trial within five months time. The new military warriors of automobile transmission assembly adopts synchronous inertial synchronizer. The one or two and third with three cone synchronizer, flexible shifting, convenient operation, the performance of the domestic advanced level.

    In the "9.3" parade, Shaoneng group grand military vehicle transmission model produced for 17A07B-00030 assembly in the UAV team, logistics team of military vehicle. The technical backbone of factory service team in Cai Shengfa to Beijing for a period of two months, hard working, call, solve the technical problems of various transmission occur, to ensure the normal operation of transmission of military vehicles in training, Cai Shengfa won the "military security" advanced individual title, won the honor for Shaoguan.

    Open up a market is not easy, it is not easy to hold a market, make a brand product is not easy. As a succession of senior career Grand Shaoneng group company employees, only the responsibility of the brand products carry forward, for the motherland people's army strong force, rich, strong and prosperous, happy and healthy with a force of Hongda Company Shaoneng group of workers!

    Shaoguan Hongda Gear Co., Ltd. Shaoneng group Deng Delin photo coverage

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